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Painted Pedestal

Add 200 pounds of visual weight with paint!  We strive for realistic faux finishes that thoughtfully include composition and design.  Our most popular painted technique on a pedestal is faux marble.    Additionally, we have created pedestals made of faux wood, aged stone, waxed plaster, and an array of patina’s.

From start to finish
At Grand Illusion, we design and build a customized pedestal to fit each space.   Finally, we paint it and finish it to spotlight your personal art piece.   We have worked in museums along with numerous residential homes in Manhattan and beyond.  Over the years, Grand Illusion has secured a team of experienced craftsmen who understand museum-quality work.


  • Museum experience
  • Sketches and designs created for each project
  • Industry standard blueprints


  • Hollow but sturdy wood frame
  • Fine detail on customized profiles
  • Elements for motorized rotation or lighting

Faux Painting

  • Proper priming for durability
  • Filling all holes, cracks, seams
  • Care taken for a smooth base coat
  • Customized faux finish after an approved sample
  • Varnish or wax protection for a long life

If you have a piece of art that needs a proper display, email us today!