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Consultation Services

When Grand Illusion is hired for a project, consultation on color, design, and technique, is part of our standard service.   This part of our service has become so popular that we offer many of these services “a la carte.”  Pierre’s reputation and years of service will make him a valuable member of your design team.

Tiers of Consultation

We can do it all … or just a little.  Here is a list of services we offer in lieu of completing a project from “a to z”:

For a decorative finish, we can help with:

  1. Overall design & technique consultation
  2. Sample development
  3. Recipe outlined with step-by-step instruction
  4. Provide brushes, tools, and custom product
  5. On-site training for the technique

For a project design & color consultation, we can help with:

  1. Color consultation and design
  2. Schematic design on a 3-D sample
  3. Detailed Paint Schedule and Paint Specifications submitted for applicators (duplicates provided for designers, etc.)
  4. On-site visits ensuring quality and color matching

Need a visual?  Go to our COLOR CONSULTATION technique page

Zapping potential problems before they happen

At Grand Illusion, we pride ourselves in our broad knowledge of different techniques, treating countless substrates, and experiences with an infinite number of “sticky situations.”  We’ve almost seen it all, and most certainly have learned from every experience.  Our clients benefit from Pierre’s 30 years of situations and he is very aware and honest about potential problems.

We create visual understanding

As artisans, the best way to translate our vision and style is through sample-making.   We have a huge library of samples that grows daily.  Pierre believes every finish to be “custom” which explains why our shop is bursting with new ideas and samples that are absolutely unique to Grand Illusion.

Leave the details to us

Grand Illusion has a professional, administrative staff at the shop.  We are quick to respond to your needs, provide you with courteous service, and create professional documents for your project.

We are an international company

Pierre doesn’t hesitate to provide educated design for his clients around the world.  From China to London, Milan to Bahamas, Pierre understands different styles and knows how to make them a painted reality.  Also, we recommend products and colors that are easily available to acquire locally.

Here are some examples of our Consultation Projects:

A luxury Paris hotel

We have been contracted for a large-scale renovation of premier suites based on a particular style.  With fabrics, reference material, furniture, and architecture, we are developing color schemes.  We have been hired to publish a paint schedule for every element (panels, baseboard, casing, ceiling, etc), to hand-paint color cards for the Parisian painters to match, to create full mock-ups on 3-D samples, to write up detailed paint specifications documents that illustrate proper application, and to conduct multiple on-site visits.   A local crew will do the decorative painting, with detailed instruction from our office.

An Ivy-league College

A major renovation has brought a team of architects and designers to our door.  The project involves a substantial amount of woodwork on floors and walls.   We have been asked to consult on the type, color, treatment, and wear-ability of the wood while adhering to tough VOC and environmental standards.  We are creating options of staining, varnishing, pickling, and waxing for presentations.  A local crew will perform the approved finishes in a large-scale effort.

An 18th Century style apartment in Manhattan

One of our best repeat customers is renovating an apartment he recently purchased in the Upper East Side.  Pierre, having a detailed knowledge of classic European style, is able to work with craftsman to design a layout of panels, architectural details, and features based on drawings and blueprints.  We are lining up a team of local craftsman to bring the drawings to life.  The client has hired us to create his vision by managing trades, presenting design and color options, and backing it all up with paperwork.  In this particular project, we are being utilized for our design, color, tradesman management, and application of decorative finishes.  Our client has complete trust and confidence in our skills based on a ten year working relationship.