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How We Work

Since decorative painting is considered an applied art, consumers can experience a wide range of quality standards. At Grand Illusion we believe in bringing the highest level of professionalism to every project from beginning to end.

Defining the Project

Pierre initiates the Grand Illusion process by meeting with the client to discuss their overall vision. With his extensive experience and superior knowledge, he can quickly assess the scope of the project and provide a wide range of color and design suggestions. From his vast collection of reference materials, clients often find examples of techniques and designs that spur their imagination or align with their artistic intent.

Creating Sample Designs

With a clear understanding of the client’s desired outcome, Pierre and his artisans produce samples of the colors and design techniques required. Because they are precisely rendered, each sample represents a realistic depiction of what the end result will be. Upon final client approval, a detailed bid is submitted.

Managing the Process

As many of our clients are very concerned about meeting deadlines, efficient project management is essential. Pierre insists on maintaining a tight schedule even when it may be necessary to accommodate the ever-changing completion dates of other trades involved in the process.

Maintaining High Standards

The Grand Illusion crew adheres to high standards of professionalism and displays a strong work ethic. Everyone arrives on time and in uniform, completes their assigned tasks, and cleans up the work area before leaving. Our time-tested system for every step of the creative process ensures each project will run smoothly and stay on schedule. From the smallest touch-up to a multi-room project, the system remains the same. This consistency has defined our reputation as a dependable and quality service.